Monster Hockey started in 2011, when founder, Jeffrey Laum decided to start playing hockey after a 6 year layoff. He quickly realized that the game and the equipment had changed over those years. He decided that he needed to change the gear. 

    Jeff began to focus on the goalie's relationship to his pads. Most pads at the time were designed with a "Shooter In" approach, focusing on stopping the puck, but not the goalie's anatomical needs. He started looking at pads from a "Goalie Out" perspective, putting the attention on protecting the goalie's joints while maximizing the performance of the pads. 

This Goalie Out approach lead to the realization that all static straps such as leather, nylon, and skate lace toe ties actually worked against a goalie's performance and were responsible for countless injuries. Static, or "dumb" straps do not actively support a goalie. They only define the absolute limits of how a goalie can move. Once that limit is reached, injuries are the natural result. 

The staple of every pad at the time, leather straps were invented when pads were designed not to rotate. Once upon a time, if your pads rotated on your legs during play, you were most likely going to get hurt. In the modern game, pads are designed to rotate 90 degrees on almost every save. This change in the game immediately made leather and other dumb straps obsolete and in many cases dangerous. It is rare for a modern goalie to be injured from getting hit by a puck. Most injuries today are from micro tears weakening a joint to the point of chronic pain and in some cases, leading to a catastrophic failure of the joint. Much of this is due to archaic designs and dependence on leather straps. Once they reach their limit, they simply do not allow the joint to flex and cause tears in muscles and connective tissue. 

Monster Hockey is dedicated to enhancing the game with three basic principles. Innovation, Performance, and Quality. Our goal is to keep goalies safer through innovation, enhancing the performance of our athletes, and bringing unparalleled quality to our products. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy bringing them to you.