There's an epidemic running rampant in our ice rinks, dek hockey courts, and yes...even our homes. It's called Bacon Straps. It's a terrible disease that every goalie will be confronted with. It starts off small, with just a little sagging. But give it time and your elastic straps will loosen up and become softer than the waistband of your favorite pair of tighty whities!! Your knees will be slipping off your landing gear faster than you can say patellar contusion! And don't even get me started on what the ladies will say. There's nothing worse than sagging, limp Bacon Straps. 
But there's hope! The Monster Hockey B2 Goalie Leg Straps are here to save the day, and your game. Made of super high quality 2 inch elastic, these straps will keep your pads attached to your legs tighter and more enthusiastically than your neighbor's dog! So ditch those sad, pathetic Bacon Straps, and get yourself a pair of B2s. You're knees, your teammates, and yes, even the ladies will thank you. (Legal disclaimer...none of these things may actually happen. Knees don't talk, your teammates might be ungrateful jerks who don't know the first thing about goaltending, and the ladies probably won't care or even notice.) So do it for yourself, because bacon is for eating, not your goalie pads.
Now the boring stuff. 
Straps come sold in pairs. Not trying to pull a fast one and sell you only half of what you need. 
2 inches wide like most of the OEM straps on leg pads. 
Velcro is 3 inches long on each end
Comes with either hook or loop Velcro. Hook is the rough hard stuff. Loop is it's soft and cuddly buddy. Please specify which kind you need!